So I booked the company based on the reviews on the website. Upon review it appears they mainly do outdoor work and I should have taken notice of this. There were numerous mistakes and on several occasions I was told they would show up on a certain day and no one would come or told they would come at 10 am and I would be messaging the manager at 12:30 wondering where they were? After I paid for the job, I kept on being told they would do a touch up job and after chasing them for weeks and hearing they had already moved on to other jobs I gave up. They did the inside and the kitchen. One area in the bathroom really stuck out as they are supposed to be professionals and do a quality job. when we did the review I pointed out how the bathroom had paint all over the tiles. Manny assured me that his guys were professional and that they would only do this to cover old paint. I thought this was odd as its on tile and being clean would take president over a cover up? I ended up using my nail and scratched off a bit of the paint on the tiles and low and behold it was just a messy job. One other thing when they did the kitchen the cabinets ended up being scratched and they lost some of the screws for the hinges to which I only found out later when trying to open the door. Basically it looked good for show but not under the hood. They did come back and cover up the scratches but not the missing screws. Personally I think they are good guys but I think they bit off more then they could chew and I ended up being on the back burner or people showing up late and doing a rush job. Based on their history I would say 100% if you got a small inside job or doing outside use them... but do not let them pain your whole inside... it will be a let down.

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