From the moment I bumped into Alex (one of the owners) on the street and offered him to quote my project to the very end a mere 6-7 weeks after it's been one positive experience. I was aware of all the stories of projects gone wrong: money lost, construction guys disappeared, uncompleted or incorrectly done project, etc but not with these guys. First of all - The quote! It was clear detailed with prices that have not change throughout the entire project unless we agreed upon modifications, changes or were faced with materials shortages. I was notified in a very timely manner and kept on the developments at every stage of my projects and even before that. Alex made sure that all of my project inquiries were addressed and answered within hours if not minutes. Yes he actually does return your calls every time - no exceptions. The project: The project started on the day we both agreed upon. From the very first day (that lasted 13 hours in a very hot day) we realized that the crew is very hard working, professional and determined to complete the project within tight timelines we imposed on the group. In fact, we were really surprised with speed and the quality of work. The crew's interaction with us was based on one principle: "Owners should not be worried about anything project related" and they made sure we weren't. Just like any other projects we eventually ran into some unforeseen issues and this is where the Alex Group, in my opinion, excelled - they were always proactively looking for the best possible outcome that both satisfies the client and at the same time remains professionally sound. To sum it up: 1. We could not have been any happier with the final results 2. The price was very reasonable considering the overall COVID-19 environment 3. The project was executed within imposed timelines without delays and unacceptable budget overruns 4. The team is hard working with serious machinery and really knows their work and really pleasant to work with 5. Strongly recommended for hardscaping and landscaping projects.

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