Work was done poorly and as a result in less than 3 years all the edge tiles had to be redone. Took a month for them to takeaway the skids on lawn and as a result the grass died. Does not seem to care much about customers service.

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Company Response

Hi! I'm not sure why you would post a bad review considering I just emailed you to tell you that I would stop by to glue the loose cap down for you free of charge even AFTER your warranty has been over for a year.
Secondly, it's not very forthcoming of you to lie that your patio is falling apart when you sent me one picture of a loose cap on the edge of your patio.
Thirdly, no one told you there is a lifetime warranty on anything other than the hardscape materials we use. Our warranty on workmanship is 2 years which is standard practice.
Lastly, I had suggested you could glue the cap down yourself if you were not willing to wait for me to get there to provide a free service outside of our warranty period or obligations.