This company painted my home (walls, trim and doors). I was not present at the site when this work was being done however I did drop in a few times. There was no pressure on a time frame. I was told by Natalie that they need only four day to complete this job. I paid extra for a few small items that were added onto the job. They also asked for 50% deposit up front in which was not a problem for me but raised a red flag. I am very upset with they quality of work I received. There are also paint drips all over my floor and carpet in my basement.

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Company Response

This company worked so hard on your project! Every wall in your place was painted 2,3 and, believe me,4 times! And I am very sad that you did not allow us to see what made you so upset and fix all imperfections. Most of your complaints are about woodwork, which was estimated for applying only one coat of paint. You did not think it was necessary to paint it twice. Now you want to hire somebody to apply a second coat of paint on doors, frames, and baseboards! Do you remember the last day, we were talking about coming back soon to do some exterior job, and if you find some imperfections we'll fix them at seme time. I mentioned that several times. It is true that you were not present on the site most of the time, but every time you would come I heard only compliments on the improvement. Most of the walls were very dark, almost black, and literally black including the ceiling(in the main bathroom). The time frame would be perfect if we did not do extra jobs that were not mentioned before the estimation. As for a deposit, I did not ask for 50%! It was your offer. We always ask 40% at the beginning of a project and 60%when the job is completed. Is it wrong? Why the red flag? I am very upset with this situation myself. Everything could be fixed easily in one day if you wanted!