This builder is absolutely terrible. They have had extremely poor communication throughout my home-buying process. I signed my original contract with them in March. It is now September and I have no construction drawings. I was told 10-12 months for construction and they are not possibly reaching 12 months if they actually followed through today. They have had extremely poor communication. I have been following up with them for months and nothing. They still haven't done anything and I finished everything on my side as quickly as possible - contract signing, mortgage approval, down payment given, interior selections done, etc. I've worked in the home building industry for years prior and I've built a new home with another builder before so I am very aware of how this all works. This builder has been absolutely unaccountable and not been following through. Buyer beware!! I would never build with them again. I wanted a specific neighbourhood and they were unfortunately the only choice at the time.

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