Edit: It turned out that Cory was on vacation right after my job, and he called me a week later and now the job has been completed. Here is the original post: A guy came to install gutter guard for us, he started working right away without noticing us. I went out and greet him and asked him if he can show us some pictures of the 2nd-floor roof after the job is completed as we cannot see them. The guy was polite and promised he will show us some pictures after the job was done. However, the guy just left without noticing us. We were confused and not even sure if he had finished the job or not. I went out and found out that he didn't install any filter box at the downpipe at the ground level, which was promised during my conversation with Cory, as well as indicated on their website. I called them 10+ times in the past 3 days and I was never able to talk to Cory anymore. If you call their number you can press 1 for booking new appointments, or press 3 for customer service. If you press 3, which is ext 201, no one will pick up (called 5+ times and left 2 voice messages). If you press 1, someone will pick up right away, but all they say is they will leave a message to Cory, who will never call back. Cory: if you read this can you PLEASE CALL ME? You have my number.

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