Booked 3 men who each turned up over than an hour later than expected and at different times. None of them started work until the last guy arrived (4 hours late!) and the company tried to charge me for all 3 from the moment the first guy turned up (he did nothing but talk on his mobile phone while he waited for the others). Then, it took 10 hours in total to move my things one mile across Downtown Toronto). The job I was quoted as taking around 4 hours (maybe less with one extra guy which I booked for the whole move) for a two-bed condo. The late start meant I missed my elevator bookings at both destinations so the move had to be done in two trips across town. Thought the day I had to phone and beg the management companies in two condo buildings to let me use the elevator event though it was booked for other residents. Had made multiple calls to the Let's Get Moving office also on the day so they were fully aware of the 10-hour disaster unfolding. I was able to submit a claim within 15 days - it took them a month for a person at their office to respond to my claim. This was only after a follow up phone call from me and email (despite the company's policy to get back within 3-5 business days). My claim requested the company compensate me for half the cost of the move. I felt 5 hours x 3 men (15 hours work) was more than adequate and the delays were due to the company's errors not mine. After I submitted a claim the management eventually offered me a $75 refund for the inconvenience which I didn't accept because it is inadequate like everything else this company did and didn't do. The company has not refuted any part of my report. I could go on about this move, it was disastrous from start to finish. I was covered in bruises from moving things myself, trying to hurry the young men along. They didn't leave my new place until nearly 10pm at night and all 3 stood and watched me pay by credit card. I refused the first bill as they wanted to charge me from the time of the arrival of the first man who did nothing until the others arrived. I bought them all lunch, candy and bottled water for them (they had not brought anything to eat or drink with them and I didn't want them passing out on me). One of them threw the candy wrappers on the floor throughout the hallways so after they had gone I had to walk around the hallways looking for their discarded candy wrappers. I have records of all phone calls I had to make to the company, and all the emails where I attempted to get half the time it took refunded. I cannot understand where all the company's awards and accolades are from. My concierge saw the movers on the security camera, sitting in their van most of the time - he told me the company was the worst example of movers he'd ever seen in his experience being a concierge. I've been so upset by the experience, it's taken until now for me to actually get round to writing this review. Under no circumstances does it make sense to charge 10.5 hours x 3 men (31.5 hours) to move two-bed condo one mile across Downtown Toronto for $2,383 plus tax (incl. a 3% credit card fee). I have not accepted the $75 compensation. It's not even a one-hour refund. Still upset to think about that horrific day. My advice, keep clear!

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