Rogne left our kitchen work in partial with very low quality of job after collecting 80% money and work left with technical errors in construction due to his incomplete knowledge about the field, during our kitchen renovation and he operates under the company names New point Renovation and New point Construction and keeps changing company names, we alerted city authorities and police about his activities of impersonating as a renovation contractor and leaving when money payed with work partly completed. The way is happened to us is we contacted him for Renovation project after seeing his flyer in mailbox under name new point. Every thing looked ok and the guy named Rogne came our home and guaranteed to complete the kitchen renovation project with ease and agreed to complete the project for the said amount and even promised to do more than most other contractors were ready to do. (This is his way of getting the project signed and money taken) . He had an answering service which responds to calls and an office address specified that made his business look legitimate and we decided to sign and hand over advance money for building kitchen. Problem started happening when he started asking for money Out of line from what’s written in the contract and not even any work was started. He missed the first deadline after we handed over almost 10000 CAD, that is when we got tensed and started questioning him. Initially he kept saying he will finish it it’s not a big deal and asked for more money with some reasons and we agreed. But the work did not even went 30% but he pocketed almost 80% money from us and kept asking more that’s when we stopped paying. The next step he tried was threaten us by saying he won’t mind going to jail. We contacted police and they suggested file court case to retrieve lost money. Weeks went by without progress so we kept calling on his phone repeatedly and due to constant calls and threat to take matter to court he decided to do a part of the kitchen and flooring. We noticed the quality of the work of dry wall installation was extremely poor (pictures attached) . We got to know he did not know anything about contracting or construction and was very poor with memory and kept denying money sent to him by us . Every time we had to show the e transfer downloaded report to remind him and still he forgets the next day and asks for more. At this point we started searching about him online and were surprised to know he has already did the same to many decent home owners. We lost our money and had to hire other people to finish the work. At this point we are trying all means possible to get him to court and get back money and want to alert decent people to be aware of people like Rogne. We lost 2 months of mental peace and money . Had to bear abuses, threats and extremism unprofessionalism on the hands of a person whose only intention was to pocket the money and get away. The work pending was electric, a large section of kitchen unfinished, poorly done dry walls, the countertop and backsplash had to be done by another contractor. And the gas and exhaust installation was not done.

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This is guy A**** V****** thinks he does not have to pay because the job is 90% completed. Scope of work: demolition of kitchen and living room area space. New potlights, kitchen and living room area, plumbing, hvac, new sub floor, new vinyl flooring, new kitchen cabinets, new baseboards and crown moulding for new kitchen, painting of work space area. Note all these things were completed by us.
We had some stand off with this customer; one he thought electrical panel upgrade was included because we quoted him 14 potlights for the kitchen and living room area. After a lengthy stand off and a few quotes he got it done privately. His wife shouted they have faulty electrical and was looking electrical upgrades for some time, he told her to shut up and go into room. Our electrician was going update the city of faulty electrical wiring and cleared his name. He advised us that we cannot put any dry wall back in this area extreme fire hazard.
We advised him Akhil that a sample floor he has is a template and vinyl floor does not come 3/4 inch, he insist. After we purchase the floor it was only 1/8 inch thickness and the floor area needed to rebuild with new sub floor. We waited one week for him to decide because he is not going over his budget. He signed to have the new sub floor put in but we never got paid for this.
He had faulty gas connection which we had to call an emergency gas company to rectify the gas smell and put in new gas pipes, he signed but we never get paid for this.
We completed all scope of work and contacted the quartz countertop company to go by and rectify the measurement, he cancel the quartz and company. We called to find out and was told he does not need our service anymore.
He owed us over 10,000 from final invoice and the only thing was missing was the quartz stone for the counter top and back splash a 2400 value. Again he cancel the stone company and get another because he does not want to pay us our balance on contract. We did put a lien on this property and motor vehicle belonging to him. This guy another A**** V****** who does not want to pay for work received, using these platforms as a basis to leverage distance