Writing this review in hopes that I will be able to save some people from using this company for new windows. We got 6 windows replaced by this company. It would take to much time discuss all the issues we've had with them. So I will in point form mention the issues. 1-Great customer service - UNTIL they receive your money, AKA the out of the multiple interactions I had to prompt, one time I received OK customer service, after that you're money is their only concern, who needs happy customers after all right? .. 2-Rude staff, who do not do what they say they will. I worked with Roxana, Julia, Irina and I believe Keith? Who was acting manager and by far the worst I've ever been treated by anyone who I am paying for a service from... Was threatened, interrupted and none of my concerns were every address, other then with a 250$ discount? when I had to prompt them to do their jobs or even just communicate..... just an FYI we spent around 8000$ on these 6 windows, so a 250$ discount when I was left feeling not cared about, not treated with basic human respect, and felt completely dissatisfied and drained from each conversation....How could you not when your issues are never being resolved, but you just continue to relay your frustration and get taken around in a circle.... 4-Excuse, excuse excuse, always someone else's fault; never theirs, their ware house is bad, their Warehouse shut down from covid, oh wait and their office....So isn't this something you should be communicating with your customers? who are spending $$$$$$$$$ for new items? 3-NOTHING is on time, we waited for final measurements that took me multiple emails, voicemails and reaching out to individuals to get someone to come and do this to get our windows even ordered. We were quoted mid-September for install, we got the windows installed on Thursday Oct 28, so only a month and half late.... I was address rudely by multiple staff, had to bag for updates from all staff, the only member of the staff who actually seemed concerned about my issues that I had was the receptionist, she was always polite, and genuinely concerned. The installers were quick once they arrived, BUT not on time, they were early, which I already had a big guess this would happen due to all my passed bad experiences so luckily I had my husband take the full day off to ensure someone would be around... In the end, they simply do not care about their customers, no respect for them, no accountability for their staffs poor actions, only concern is getting your money... Please take your time and research a company that will be genuinely concerned for you as their customer, and be happy to do all they can for you during this process...

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Good Day, Brooke
We apologize to hear about your experience with us. Our team would like to discuss this further with you, if you could please contact us at (780)-761-2161 or our email: if that works better for you. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we look forward assisting you immediately.

Best Regards,

Canglow Windows & Doors Team