Man with a Wrench is an incredible service! Friendly, swift, and most impressive is that their technicians really know what they're doing. They found the problem with my new, still under guarantee Miele refrigerator when the Miele technicians (2 called for this problem) did not know what to do and recommended that the ice build up was normal, and so was the moisture accumulation as well as the buzzing sound that was driving us crazy. Luckily I called Man with a Wrench, who fixed the noise problem and diagnosed the rest as a problem with the Sealed System (whatever that means) and if it can't be repaired, then Miele should replace the fridge because it is definitely defective. So now I have to get Miele here to do that - unfortunately Man with a Wrench doesn't do this work, because I much prefer dealing with them than Miele itself!! Monica

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