The meeting began in February of this year, (2021.) The response was quick but I had doubts that during Covid, The pool would be completed. From the beginning, Angelo was amazing and professional. Never over promising but never under delivering as well. His reassurance was why we went with Aqua Spa Pools . From the beginning, he stated that if any issues would occur, it would be due to raw materiel shortages and nothing else. Being in a business myself, I fully understood the situation in hand. Covid had created issues in the supply chain. And of course, that occurred. Throughout the process Angelo and his crew were in touch with us and letting us know the situation in hand. We never felt that we were being told stories or they were just passing the buck due to Covid. At the end of it, I could only tell you that Angelo, Davide, Phil, Livani and the rest of the Aqua Spa family, completed the job and my kids were the happiest that they have ever been. Thank you again ladies and gentlemen for all of your help. It will never be forgotten. A Happy Client Ricky Gill

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