So i called This guy for fridge not cooling . He said he will charge $80 to come and inspect the fridge for which i agreed. Oct 2 2021 he comes and even before checking the fridge he said he will service the unit and check the issue and will charge $280 and then we had a discussion and agreed on. He said service would take 2 hours but finishes in 40 minutes and advises that it need a coolant temp sensor replaced. I agreed and the amount changed to $327.52 with part which i paid him. After changing sensor the fridge didnt work. He said that unit needs mother board and i again agreed to pay $128 for the replacing the board.he said he need to order part.on october 12 when i asked him that where is the part and he comes and changes the board and take payment and leave. After10 days i messaged him that fridge is freezing all the food in lower sections . He said will come and check. He comes and replaces the same board and leaves and now check and letme know. and again in a week the fridge isnt cooling. Now when i called him and said that your job is not done and same issue he says he will charge again to come and i said you didnt diagnose the right issue then said me that it needs compressor and i said you need to finish your job for what i paid and answer i get is that i am going out of country and will be back by mid december and leaves me no where. He left the same board which he installed first at my brother house as i said your board is not good saying i can change it. So now i am left with a fridge not cooling and i spent almost $500 and all my food in fridge is damaged. The way he spoke to me on the phone was un professional. Now will be spending money on new fridge. If he didnt knew what he was doing or wasent able to diagnose the problem he shouldnt have been changing parts on the fridge and keep charging$$ . I will never recommend him to anyone please think twice. Also if there is anyone top of this guy in his management i would like to talk.

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Company Response

We would like to apologize for your recent experience. We're sorry to hear you were less than satisfied with repairing your fridge.

We pride ourselves on our Appliance repair service and the high quality standards we maintain. We would like to make things right.

Let me explain to you on October 2nd our technician changed the mother board of your fridge and gives you warranty of 10 days since its electronic parts. Then he called you after 12 days to check the performance of your fridge and you said it was cooling perfect and he informed you that if problem returns you will need a new compresor and you agreed for that.
After that you called him again on November 10th after 28 days of the warranty expired Although he came for free with no charge and he told you that you need a new compresor
So since October 2nd till November 10th your fridge was cooling good

However You can expect a call from our manger Mark soon to discuss what occurred and how we might make it up to you.
Yours sincerely,
Fixify appliance repair team