I was dealing with an issue in my basement where water seemed to be coming in slowly. I hired a plumber to come in and have a look and they charged me a fair chunk just to tell me it was I drain tile issue. So I contacted Bob at Drainrock who came out straight away to have a look and he gave me some advice just to make sure the issue I was having was related to drain tile. He told me to remove a bunch of gyprock to see where the water was coming in from and send him pictures. He came back and had to look with me and turns out the problem was not coming from the drain tile but from a pipe further up. That means the plumber was wrong. Bob didn't charge me for the inspections he was only going to assess and make sure the issue required his services. If upon that second inspection it indicated it was a drain tile issue, he would have been came back with scopes to look through the drains in our area to see if all it needed was a cleaning before moving on to the next step. He was a consummate professional, super friendly and wasn't in it just to make the money... he wanted to make sure he was delivering the right service. I cannot recommend this company enough!

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Thank you very much for taking the time to share your experience with our company. Water ingress challenges can be difficult to diagnose and the more information we can gather the more accurate the assessment. It is important to determine if ground water is building up and entering through the cold joint between the wall and floor or if water is being hydraulically forced through the foundation. In your case, the removal of drywall and access to the wall helped in identifying the problem. We are always happy to help assess and we are even happier to report that the problem was not in fact related to perimeter drainage or your foundation, but a 2" interior plumbing line that came from upstairs and was broken under the floor slab. This line would leak water and flood a corner of the basement whenever the upstairs sink was used. The great news is that this is covered by your insurance policy and your basement can be put back to normal. Drainrock Industries thanks you for your kind words.