I heard great things about MaidPro Thornhill through the Nextdoor community. I was looking for a cleaning service to help clean only a number of rooms for my elderly parents' home. MaidPro's first cleaning job was careless and superficial. They sent two members to clean for three hours. They completed a large kitchen, two living rooms, a washroom, and powder room. After leaving, my mother took a wet Kleenex to the kitchen floor and bathroom floors. The Kleenexes were dirty. The same went for the kitchen counter top not being wiped down. I was disappointed to learn after the fact it is company policy not to move furniture, including small furniture, to vacuum and mop floors. I've included pictures of how dirty the area around the kitchen island was (because we didn't know to move the kitchen chairs), behind doors, and dog bowls, as these are considered furniture. Mirrors in the bathrooms were only wiped three quarters, showing marks. Garbage in all rooms were not emptied. I checked with the company to see if this was a Covid measure to avoid, but MaidPro's 49-Point Professional House Cleaning Checklist ensured they would still offer this. I had requested that one of the living rooms not be touched, but this was unfortunately ignored. The overall experience did not instill confidence in future cleanings, so I chose to cancel the service for my unhappy parents. Despite a polite email exchange with the company, they refused to wave the cancellation penalty of $129.95. The only recourse would be to have someone back to do a reclean, but as mentioned, my parents were so unhappy with the first clean they didn't want anyone back. It was a struggle to even get my elderly parents to agree to outside help. Overall it was a very disappointing experience at a total of $466.80. $30 x 2 in tips that my parents handed out (as tipping is encouraged by the company which we liked), $276.85 for the cleaning, and $129.95 for a cancellation charge.

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