They did a great job, on time and very cleanly. This included the purchase and installation of skylight/shade and purchase and installation of new roofing on the front table roof of the house. It did NOT include the inside finishing once the skylight was installed. The person recommended was going to charge 750 plus tax to do that. I had my brother help me instead and we managed it in one morning including painting. Our total costs were under 60 including insulation, trim, paint.

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Company Response

Hi Alison,
Thank you for your review. It was a pleasure to work on your home. We have a hard time finding the right people to refer when it comes to finish the interior work on skylights as it is not our core business. However we are glad your brother helped you with that.


I asked for referrals to carpenters to INSTALL bannisters. I got a call back right away. I had been referred to house painters! How helpful is that? Not at all is the answer!

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