One of their guys came to clean my dryer ducts but did not want to go on the roof so instead suctioned from inside the home. This did not completely clear the duct, so I scheduled another appointment where they told me he would go onto the roof to clear the screen. While I was at work he came to my house and did the exact same thing from inside the home! Then afterwards he tried charging another $100 on top of what I already paid and even threatened my 70yr old mom with collections. The third call the manager sided with the technician and simply said that it was clear because the technician said so, so they won’t be following up. All I wanted was the roof screen cleared. They agreed they would go onto the roof but did not fulfill that and they completely disregarded the technicians threatening behaviour. In my opinion this is terrible customer service and completely unprofessional. The work was not completed and they denied any refund. DO NOT hire this company! They cannot guarantee the quality of their work and clearly put their customers last.

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