Few knowledgeable staff Backorders are constantly messed up; staff call and say 'your order is ready for pickup' but then you go there and pieces of it have still not arrived or they simply can't find them. Online sales support is a joke; all they give are 'quick' answers, regardless if they are accurate or useful. Had an open support ticket and found out that they DIDNT PUT ANY DETAILS in it from what had been discussed....called back to follow up and they claimed that they were 'waiting for information, from ME..' To compound the issue, went in to the store to try to resolve a tool/fitting issue and was provided misinformation by one of the managers that 'this product can come from different places...and it's overseas....and they don't understand manufacturing specifications'...except when I pointed to the tag on the item that clearly says 'MADE IN CANADA' then the back-peddling began and the only 'solution' provided was 'just return it'. Telling your customers to effectively 'GO AWAY' is a poor business model... Product, yes. Service, No.

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