I purchased a 35 X 80 X 18 Steel Structure. Advertising promised that it would be easy to assemble. Not true. Maybe for a smaller building, but, not this size. Good service. Not true as they were hard to get in contact with at times. Plans that would be easy to follow. Not true! It turned out we had the plans for the older inventory and these were not up to date. The blue prints, while stamped by an engineer were hard to follow. This caused a lot of lost time and not to mention money. Also, they claimed that the accessories such as insulation would be reasonable. Not true either! The building is up now, but, labour cost soared making it a much more expensive project than first thought. I think once the insulation (Future Steel's insulation kit price is also very high) is in I will be happy with it, and it appears that I will have a sound building, but, my recommendation to fellow builders and what I will be doing on another project planned for later this year is; build with wood or find another company supplying similar products that are willing to support you with the project with plans that are easy to follow. I think you will have less headaches. If you have to deal with them, be careful and get everything up front in writing.

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