In July 2019, we purchased a new furnace and air conditioner from Comfort Masters. We used this company because I grew up with the owner. When we moved in, the house came with older equipment (furnace from mid-nineties, AC from 1983), with no maintenance or serice calls required. Since this brand new install in 2019, we've already required 2 service calls. When the one year mark came up for maintenance, I called and spoke to the receptionist about putting off the maintenance because of covid, we have a toddler, and are expecting a new baby. I explained that we didn't feel comfortable welcoming anyone into our home at the present time and that we'd have it done once covid restrictions lifted. She expressed that she understood and that she'd make a note of it in our file, but never once mentioned that this would void our warranty. When we were 4 months overdue for the maintenance, we needed a service call when we discovered a significant puddle of water under and around the furnace. The HVAC technician had to come and unclog the drain (this technician was very kind and understanding). The lady on the phone told me the tech wouldn't have time to do maintenance, but he did say when he was here that the unit would be good until the next maintenance after what he'd done. I contacted the owner to be sure that they would accept the 4 months over on the maintenance and I was told that it may void the warranty, but he would look into the warranty and dates. That was in November 2020. I followed up again in January 2021. Both times with no response. I just contacted him again recently (February 2022), to let him know that my husband and I were dissappointed in the lack of communication. Yet again, no response. The company is very accommodating and helpful until the installation is done, and they are down the road with your money.

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