Dave was a pleasure to deal with, a very informed and nice guy. I wanted an impartial inspection, since I'm a new home owner and wanted to learn about the condition of our old roof, without any sales (scare) tactics or up-sells. Dave made a full report of the roof condition, what the priority fixes were, what could wait, and even gave me some material samples to know what to look for. I feel like I had a small course in roofing, and feel more informed - well worth the price.

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I have a mixed review for MorEnergy - I want to give them a higher rating, but it's been three months now and I'm still being double billed. Here's the scoop. The very first day at our new house a guy in an orange safety vest knocks on the door. Being a new home owner I thought he was from the utility company, as he mentioned he was a contractor with Enbridge. I was naive - no one told me about hot water door-to-door sales people. Anyhow, I they put in a new heater that day. After I realized what just happened, I was very angry, and found out I'm definitely not alone in this type of quick and aggressive sales scenario. Getting a new house is already stressful enough, so much to deal with, and now I had this situation to deal with on top of it all. I made a few calls, and found out about the 10 day back-out clause. I wanted to hear MorEnergy's side of the story first though. Bottom line: yes, they would bring me back my old tank within the ten days if I wanted - however mentioned that it may or may not be damaged due to being moved around, and they are not liable for any damage. They also told me they would deal with Direct Energy (the old water heater company) and cover any rental costs that I'm charged after the MorEnergy tank was installed. As an extra incentive the guy told me I'd receive three months for free, because he could tell I was annoyed. At this point I was fed up, and was dealing with other house priorities, so I just decided to let it go - it's a new water heater, it's installed...move on. The heater works great so far. So, three months later: I'm still being double billed, no free months as mentioned, and each time I call to sort out the situation no one knows what to do, or at least, nothing is being done. If the situation doesn't get resolved I will most likely seek some legal advice on how to get out of this deal, and buy my own tank. They have broken their word several times, so in my opinion our contract is null. Anyhow...if things change for the better I'll change this be continued...

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What could this company do to improve their services?
Be more organized, and up-front with new home owners, less aggressive sales tactics.
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