We did speak to a few companies before hiring Harmony, but they were both the friendliest and most confidence inspiring people we dealt with. Thanks Diego! The first thing to know is that it will absolutely not be done in two or three weeks. I know there are companies that promise that and Harmony also gave us an aggressive timeline, but it was never going to happen in my mind and it didnt. The project manager, Cristian, was our contact for everything job related and coordinated all the different trades to come to the house. He was excellent from the start and had lots of suggestions to make things easier/cheaper to do as well as make things more aesthetically pleasing. Some of things were simple like which way a door should swing open and some things, like rerouting a gas line, were more complicated but he patiently explained his reasoning to us every step of the way and the we invariably agreed with all of his suggestions. He was also available basically all the time if we had a question or concern. I honestly dont know when he sleeps, but it was great as a customer. Speaking of coordinating trades, that is something I appreciated with Harmony. When the electrical is done its done by an electrician. The drywall is done by a drywaller, flooring by a professional installer, etc., so there is a level of trust that exists with the tradespeople that you dont get from a jack of all trades type. The only complaint with that of course is the time it takes. Some days it might just be the the taping and muddying guy who is scheduled because it needs to be done before another job can happen. There are other times when that particular guy is occupied elsewhere and so nothing happens for a few days perhaps. Generally speaking, they do a good job of scheduling people but delays like this can happen. My final word of caution is that you need to pay attention to your renovation. On a few occasions we did find something that we either hadnt expected or something that wasnt quite up to my wifes very high standards. As a result, we did have some times when a tradesperson had to return to fix something that wasnt quite right. While that can be irritating it also is part of the reason that we chose a reputable company. When those problems arose there was never a moments hesitation about fixing our issue or debate about whether we were overreacting, the project manager just made it right. In fact, at least once that I recall he had someone return for something he wasnt happy with even though we thought it was fine. Ultimately, the job got done in about three months, which is longer than anticipated, but we are very pleased with the result. Its been almost a year now and they just sent someone out to fix a small issue with a door. It was literally a five minute job, but they sent someone anyway so I can confirm that Harmony is going to stand behind their work. You arent going to get that from the guy whos number you found on a telephone pole. We could have had it done a little cheaper, maybe even a little faster, but I cant imagine having it done any better. This is among the smartest investments Ive ever made and even with the caveats above Id highly recommend Harmony for your basement.

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Thanks for the review. we're very pleased to hear that this was a smart investment and also that you are happy with this new renovation. Please always remember that we're just a call away whenever you have any concerns about the new built.