these people were quick and efficient. The person whom we talked to was very clear and precise. When they came they were nice and early and had a big bin to get rid of the old roof materials. They worked quickly and did a great job. Then they did the same for putting on the new roof and afterwards they double checked everything. In the house they went over everything they did and we were very satisfied. They deffinetly are worth the price. if we ever need this done again I would check them first.

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ok well we talked to the guy at the office found out this was the best option for us. He was very good and we were very satisfied with him. Then the guys came to do the job. well they seemed to be in a hurry and did not do a good job they had to come out 3 more times to fix the banging noise which was from a bolt put on wrong or was not in the right place then in the winter it would freeze up which it was supposed to have a heating element on it so they had to fix that to which also took along time before they fixed the problem now it seems to work fine but I would not use them again or recommend them to anyone.

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