Great workers and professional...came early and cleaned up when done. The work was top-notch. No complaints. I would highly recommend them, Reasonable prices too. They took time to help pick the right colors. I was very in decisive but they were helpful. Payment plans too. Great people. I would use them again.

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I find the staff at the Burnaby location in particular fairly rude...except for some friendly and nice cashiers. I had one girl insult me about my age....I am 40 and she thought a 70 year old man was my "friend." And a Asian man literally took my paint out my hand and gave me something I did not want. I was going to put OUTDOOR paint on the breakfast bar wall (not counter....just simply the lower cabinents). I have 3 kids who will KICK it and the bar stools hitting it....wear and I got a GLOSS OUT deal with the wear and tear....he did not even ask....just gave me a MAT INTERIOR...he would NOT even let me buy if it is HIS house....I left it at the counter and walked out....There were a few other times the staff was INSULTING....who hires these people...oh well. Wont shop there again.

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Did a great job. I highly recommend this guy. He is just starting his company but has been doing this for 8 years....had in 4 times...had a minor unrelated issue and he came by on his own time the same day...without the minimum fee. Get this guy!

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