Cargo Cabbie was great to work with. Booking, quoting, customer service all painless and easy. They were on time, friendly and pleasant. I will say though that if you are using their packing services, monitor how much it packing material is being used. So much unnecessary paper and plastic. And too many boxes. So much more could have been packed in boxes. Ridiculous. But they get to charge more for all materials used. Also, they didnt properly estimate the truck size so the movers had to make two trips. I should not have been charged for that, the extra hourly charged time. Also, I was told it would be four movers but then it was only 3. Might have been quicker with 4 as planned. They were good, Id use again and recommend them but I would properly supervise packing and not trust their recommendation on truck size.

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Company Response

Thank you for choosing CARGO CABBIE Moving, Jaclyn. We're glad to hear that you had a positive experience with our booking, quoting and customer service processes. It sounds like our movers did a great job too!

I'm sorry to hear that you felt the need to monitor how much packing material we were using--unfortunately, some waste is inherent in the packing process. We try to be mindful of this and pack as efficiently as possible, but I understand that it can be frustrating when there seems to be too much packaging. Our team does their best to estimate the correct amount of materials needed for each move, but unfortunately sometimes they are not able to get it perfect. In any case, I apologize if you feel like you were overcharged for materials used.

I'm also sorry to hear that our team didn't quite meet your expectations with regards to the number of movers sent on your move. This can sometimes happen when we have several moves scheduled in a short period of time and we do our best to send additional manpower when necessary. Thank you for your feedback in this area; we will use it improve our operations in the future.

Thank you again for choosing CARGO CABBIE Moving, Jaclyn, and please don't hesitate to reach out if there is anything else we can do to help make your moving experience smoother. #TeamCABBIE