I bought a large rundown 3-storey home in the Beach that was a rundown triplex. Ollie Renovations was hired and they worked with my architect and me to return the home into a fabulous single-family home, keeping the style of the home reflective of its early 1900 era while also modernizing the interior to my liking and putting an addition on the rear. As a designer my taste is discerning and my expectation on quality and finishing is high. I cannot say enough great things about Oliver and his team. They did the job in 8 months and it was gutted to the joists and brick, the basement was also dug down. Oliver was reachable, dependable, flexible, accommodating, and extremely knowledgeable, from the home inspection to every aspect of the renovation: permits, structure, insulation, windows, heating and cooling, electrical and plumbing, masonry, decks, porches, etc etc. While he also uses sub-trades he really knows his stuff. He and his team were quality oriented and did things by the book. I liked that he asked/gave us options before just plunging ahead on many things. He also renovated my 3-car garage and built an amazing deck and custom planters on it, making sure it was structurally sound by working with an engineer. From the outside to the inside of the house I can honestly say I have one of the nicest homes in the Beach and a lot of that has to do with Ollie Renovations Inc. Stay on them for scheduling/budgets updates and make sure you are clear on what might cost extra and how much before you ask for it and give them the go-ahead. I also recommend you get a detailed understanding of the entire renovation process upfront, what happens when, etc so you can be prepared to prioritize your life around a massive reno. Other than that, it was an excellent experience and I love my house. Highly recommend Oliver.

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