I had 3 quotes and Marcon was the most expensive one but I chose them because of their reputation, my project was supposed to be finished in 3 months but it took 11 months and for long time my family lived in trouble because of their dishonesty and unprofessionalism. When they did floor they removed all plywoods which was there when the builder had built my house and they installed engineer woods without subfloor and immediately other jobs such as kitchen cabinet, island, powder room ceramic, closet were installed on the floor without subfloor, they also installed treads and risers, we moved back to the main floor and then I found that everywhere on the floor is squeaky and all stairs were so noisy. I complained and they tried to convince me this is normal, so I argued with the owner of Marcon and floor company, they came back 3-4 times to repair the floor and stairs and every time took at least one month and finally one person in floor company revealed that floor is squeaky because there is no subfloor and they accepted they redo the floor, since they had installed kitchen cabinet, Island and powder room ceramic they had to cut OSB and replace it with plywood without touching under kitchen cabinet, closet and powder room, so again my family moved to let them redo the floor, after they redo the floor still some part of my floor is noisy and squeaky much more than before renovation. I had so much argue with the Marcon owner about stairs and asked them to redo the stairs but he tried to prove it that the problem is my stair case and they did not do any mistake, I had noticed that the guys who did the stairs were not professional and just came to my house made jokes, laughing and using F words in front of my 6 years old daughter and my wife. Finally I threatened them to take them to the court unless one reputable stair company redo my stairs so after a lot of argue and fight The owner invite a reputable stair company to convince me that my stairs are normal and the squeak and noise come from my stair case and they told me if we redo your stairs there is no guarantee to make it better. Finally I told them they have to redo the stairs and they did. When reputable stair company came to my house they told me they knew that the stairs were installed wrongly. Now my stair has zero noise. (Now you understand how much they are dishonest). This project took 11 months because they were dishonest and nonprofessional. I do not recommend them to anyone.

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