I hired this company to diagnose and repair my dishwasher. They sent a repair man the next day to look at my dishwasher. after taking it apart for three hours he could not diagnose what was wrong. He had to come back 2 days later. He did and determined that a switch for the water pump was defective. He agreed to come back the next day and replace the switch. He came back the following day, swapped out the switch. Dishwasher did not work. He basically said, I do not know what's wrong with it and said sorry, call someone else. I had paid the day before for the part and service. After he could not fix it, he refunded me $210. vs the $310. I have called the company, emailed the company, left emails and voicemails with the "manager" and I have no response and no explanation as to why they cant fix the dishwasher or the balance owing to me. This company and their repair people are incompetent and unprofessional in my opinion. I would never recommend them or use them again.

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