Update: I am pleased to say I received a satisfactory outcome to this problem. Thank you Future Buildings for making it right for me. Looked at ordering a building July 2012. Paid a $1,500 deposit and noticed on their order form I was missing the back of the page (done via email). Asked for it and received but the terms were unacceptable so I asked for more info. No response. I then receive the stamped drawings and I tried calling the company a couple of times but couldn't get through. They were to have shipped the building by the end of August 2012. I figured I was taken and had no recourse because the order form states the deposit is non-refundable because of the drawings. I get a call a couple of days ago (9 months later!) looking for the rest of their deposit. After some discussion, he tried to tell me they were to deliver the building this coming August - Aug 2013. In opinion they did not uphold their end of the agreement. I did ask for some of my deposit back but you guessed it, I'm still out of pocket. I would advise anyone thinking of dealing with Future Steel to read the warranty and purchase order very carefully.

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