Installation of our NTI NY Thermal Inc Trinity Ti150c was prompt and efficient, but some key errors were made that may cost us dearly in the long run. Firstly, our venting pipe was made of PVC not rated for high temperatures and should be replaced. Only one pump was installed - this unit needs 2 pumps to force the water through very small channels within the heat transfer chamber. And the emergency pressure relief valve was installed horizontally, which is not to code (should be vertical. Phone calls and emails are unanswered and I can only assume this company has disappeared - so this post is for those who have also used G Force Air, to have the install of their system checked out.

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Very prompt and very knowledgable (both technician and phone support), however quoted 837.50CAD for replacing a part costing 100CAD, with less than an hours labor. Astonished at the price I telephoned and the phone operator told me that's their standard charge. I cancelled and went with another company (who spotted exactly the same faults, and gave them same advice to correct the install) and I paid 1/3 of that. I'm sure the quality of work and service is top notch - no problems with that.

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We are committed to client satisfaction and value your business and look forward to serving you again.
All the best to you and your family from all of us at Belyea Bros Limited


Recommended by the manufacturer, Christian came around within one hour of my call to take a look, and quoted 1/3 that of a well known competitor. The work was finished within 2 hours, which included sourcing the part. Very knowledgable on this specialised product ('boilers are all we do') and fair, giving advice on how to correct some mistakes another company had made when installing. I wish we'd know about this company when installing.

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