A yearly furnance maintenance is included in the heat protection plan, plan which it is peace of mind for a small amount of money. We lost heat and a technicien was over and found the problem at no cost to us

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They operate under different names: I got an invoice with a lump sum for materials. 2 days after I requested a detail list of the materials, because I am sure I was overcharged, they charged my credit card. Since then, over a month, I have been emailing, calling and if they reply is to tell me that someone will call me or they will send the list but nothing until now. Over $1400 to install 6 cheap pot lights and 2 outlets. I should have followed my instinct and not hire this company. In response to the company's reply: you havent provided me with a list of materials as i requested from you. nowhere in your estimate says that you charge a 20% markup. but even then you have no way to justify the charges for materials.

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Company Response

Hey Julio

Yes we have different divisions. Electrical hvac plumbing and renovations You know this because you hired us and you thought it was a really great idea to have all those areas all underneath the same brand

They all are under G.O brand

I'm surprised to see your review in a negative perspective to be very honest

As we provided the estimate and provided full disclosure of material costs And you were very very happy with the workers In fact you made it known that I had a very good crew working for me.

You have a signature of fully satisfied with the work we performed

The public deserves to know the truth We did more at your house then just install pot lights and outlets we ran new wiring to your outdoor outlets. We removed a wall for you we fixed your condensate pump for your furnace we did various other renovation type of work around your home and never complained because it was all within the arranged 1 to 2 days to complete and followed all the videos that we took in our estimate

We are full disclosure on all of our estimates with a 15 to 20 % markup on all materials needed. You were also provided option to provide your own materials should as long as the master tradesman approved the material quality

We have been in constant communication since beginning to the end of your project

I think where you fell distant to us was when we wouldn't do your new project of insulation work free inclusive in the project price we agreed on but done in the future

So after repeatedly saying we can still do the extra work at our hourly rate plus materials and you not a accepting the answer this must be reason for your bad review

Because after we were completed your project you had asked us to do more and future projects you wished us to do

The new garage and the insulation job Because we were so fair and generous with our hours we came for over two days and didn't charge for a full two days worth of labour so I am very sorry that you had to go out of your way to write a negative review on what really was a positive experience for getting your lighting work done and all the extra around the house renovations that completed for you

Hopefully you will re hire us in the future as long as payment terms are agreed upon we will be happy to help you with any of the trades work needed in your home

Thank you for the Blessed opportunity to be able to have served you The job done right the first time


We order a couple of doors and windows from Platinum Home Design & Renovation Inc. The process went without a glitch. Very satisfied with the quality of the product and the installation process. The curb appeal of the house has been greatly improved. Julio & Andre

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Company Response

Hello Julio and Andre. Thank you for your review and I'm so happy to hear you are very satisfied with our company. I'm sure your home looks great!
Gus George - Platinum Home Design and Renovations Inc.