Moving into our first home should have been a memorable experience for the right reasons, but unfortunately we will always remember it for the wrong reasons. The first time we attempted to do laundry, our basement flooded. It turned out that we had a collapsed floor drain that was hidden under a tile when we completed our home inspection. We called Drain Rescue for a second opinion. The technician seemed honest and clearly explained what would need to be done. He even pointed out what he would do that the first company we consulted claimed would be too difficult and expensive. We agreed to let Drain Rescue fix the floor drain. Once the floor was opened up, tree roots were found in another part of the sewer line. Despite the fact that we had just purchased our first home and had next to no money left, we agreed to have the second problem fixed. We agreed to the second job in large part because the technician implied that since they were already there they could “give us a deal” (more on this later) to do the second job at a reduced rate. The work was completed and we thought our problems were over. We resumed using all of our sinks and our upstairs washroom. A couple of days later we went into the basement to do more laundry and noticed a great deal of water on the basement floor. We tested the upstairs plumbing, and every time we used the kitchen sink or upstairs bathroom water and waste was pouring onto our basement floor. We called Drain Rescue and after a few days they finally sent the same crew back to us. It turned out that they made two huge mistakes in the original work. This meant that after spending over $4000 on work from Drain Rescue, we went days without being able to use any plumbing above our basement. Most significantly, they did not hook the kitchen drain back up to the main stack, which meant every drop of water that went down our kitchen drain ended up on our basement floor. The connection between the old stack and the newly installed stack also leaked very badly. They corrected this problem and left. We then noticed some water damage on our kitchen ceiling. We initially thought that this was related to the work done by Drain Rescue. The drain rescue technician came to our house again and agreed that they could be at fault. It turned out that it was a leaking supply line and not their fault, but even this simple job did not go well. We needed 20 feet of pipe in our ceiling replaced to fix the leak. Since Drain Rescue investigated the problem, we were stuck using them to fix it. Initially, Drain Rescue quoted me $1050 to replace this pipe. I am not a plumber, but even I knew that this price was ridiculous. After arguing with a manager at the company I managed to get the price down to a high but reasonable level. The manager tried to argue that this price was fair because his people had been at my house so many times. It did not seem to matter that most of the visits were because they could not do the work right the first time. Incidentally, the company’s slogan is “we do it right the first time.” During the first visit for the most recent job, we overheard part of a conversation between the plumber and his boss. While the plumber did not say or do anything inappropriate, we were greatly disturbed by the advice given to him by the technician. Essentially the technician was telling him to recommend as much work as possible to get the most money out of us. He also told the plumber that no matter what he recommends, when he gives us a price that he should “make it sound like we were getting a deal.” This comment was not only dishonest and horrifyingly unprofessional, but it made us question all of our quotes and work completed by this company. Every job they did was pitched to us by the technician as lower than what he would “normally charge”. I then did some checking into what we paid for previous work, and it turned out that all of the prices were on the high end of what is appropriate for the work involved. We can only conclude that this was a regular sales tactic. His tactic appeared to be to over quote for every job and then knock some money off to “make it look like a deal.” Maybe this works for used car salesmen, but we do not feel that this is appropriate for a plumber or any other contractor. It took Drain Rescue 3 visits and many hours to complete this simple job. Even when it looked like the job was done, it turned out that the plumber had crossed all our lines in the ceiling. The bathtub hot and cold taps were backwards and the bathroom sink had two cold taps and no hot. Despite not being done the plumber left for a few hours and did not come back to complete the job until late in the evening. Finally after $5000, four visits from the “make-a-deal” technician, three visits from an excavation crew and three visits from a plumber, many days of disruption and lack of usable plumbing, we were left with a demolished basement floor, badly water damaged tiles and basement walls, destroyed kitchen bulkhead and ceiling, but working drains and a repaired leaky supply line. In the end, everything is working again, but it should not have taken so long, cost as much money or done as much damage to our home. Most disturbingly, the behaviour of the technician calls the honesty of the company completely into question. Needless to say, we would not recommend Drain Rescue. We will NEVER hire Drain Rescue again and will make sure that everyone we know and come into contact with will never hire them.

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If you have any issues with our service we will be more than happy to resolve the situation.

We do not hide behind generic contact information. We offer the names and phone numbers of the people that will resolve your customer satisfaction issues.

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My Wife and I hired this company for what should have been a small, easy and short move since we were only moving a few blocks. Things started out bad and got worse as the day went on. The first problem occurred when the movers were late. When they were about 30 mins late I called their office to see where they were and discovered that they had gone to the wrong address. When they were over an hour late I called again to discover that they were on their way but lost. I had to give the driver turn by turn directions to find our place while on the phone with them. In the end, they were three hours late. Things continued to get worse from there. We should have known that we had hired the wrong company once they arrived because they offered to write up a "fake" bill. Our moving costs were going to be reimbursed by a real estate agent whose error resulted in us having to move twice within one month. The movers offered to take our payment in cash, write up the bill for a fictional amount and split any profits with us. We were both busy on the day of the move because we are teachers and the new semester had just started so we were not able to watch everything they did. One of the movers admitted to damaging our kitchen chairs when a dog "attacked" him on the elevator and assured us that they would be fixed. We just needed to call their office and they would come and pick up the chairs to fix them. If we didn't like the repair job, we were told we would be compensated for their cost. Once our furiture was moved into the new place and the movers had left we started to notice some problems. There were many pieces of furiture that were damaged. There were even marks that appeared to be from the straps they used to hold the furniture in, as if they did not use any blankets at all. It seemed that they were not in the least bit careful with any furniture that was not real wood since their insurance would not cover such items. Not only was much of our furniture damaged but we also noticed that a couple of valuable items seemed to "dissapear" in the move. We then attempted to file a claim for the damaged and missing items. We first tried to use their online claim system but they mysteriously failed to receive our claim. We then printed their form, filled it our and mailed it to them with photos of the damage. The whole package was returned to us marked "return to sender, wrong address" despite the fact that the address on the envelope perfectly matched the address of their head office. We then submitted the form by hand, in person. A few weeks after dropping off our claim we recieved a letter in the mail stating that we not recieve any compensation. Firstly, they claimed that we had no evidence of the theft so they would not recognize that part of the claim. Secondly, they would not cover any furniture that was not real wood even though the movers were clearly careless. Finally, they would not even cover the chairs that we were assured would be fixed and that were real wood. Our advice to anyone looking for a mover is to never go anywhere near this company!

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I am so sorry to hear you had a bad experience with our company Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving. We are currently under new management, and dont know what happened years ago. Please take the time to see some of our more recent reviews on Homestars and Google.

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