BE AWARE OF LEONS FURNITURE STORES SELF SERVING POLICY on deposit and uncompleted contract refunds. I fought really hard to get my refunds back amid my mounting frustrations. Somehow, I bought furnitures to furnish my Condo in Toronto when I was in the Orangeville area. I put a deposit on a coffee table that was not available at that time and was promised to have it delivered when available. I gave a 5 star review for the professionalism that was extended to me by Naz their sales lady. (Highlight then Scroll down) I waited for several months, long enough for me to realize I had no need for the coffee table anymore. I thereby cancelled the purchase and asked for a refund to be mailed to my home address that appeared on my receipt. Moreover, I also requested a refund for a fabric treatment that I paid for that was never done. I was told that the warranty on the sofa is in effect anyway even though the treatment was not done and refused to refund my payment. I argued about their self serving bad policy. Finally frustrated as I could be, I drove all the way from Indiana to Orangeville to personally collect my refunds as they have required me to do. Eventually, they gave me my full refund for my fabric treatment & the deposit for my coffee table but still sore because of what I have gone through

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