You move me was employed to move our home in early June. Following the move we began unpacking and organizing our new home with priority going to the household. Several weeks later my attention moved to unpacking and organizing my workshop at which point I realized a box was missing. The box contained many components related to a vehicle I am restoring, parts with a combined replacement valve of several thousand dollars. With the workshop not being touched since the move, it is logical to conclude that something happened to the box during the move. (I mean, the box didnt sprout legs and just walk off on its own). Of course this really sucks but mistakes happen so I figure Id contact You Move Me and ask for my money back. Entirely reasonable, given the situation. Calling You Move Me I explained the situation and the operator said they would look into the matter and someone would call me. No call came, leaving me to follow up. This time I did get a call back with the result being, no responsibility would be accepted but of course words/ phrases like we emphasize with your situation and were sorry youre experiencing this situation but their excuse was theres too much grey area and too much time has passed to accept responsibility, anything could have happened to the box but because I was unsatisfied theyd offer a 10% discount on their service. This is were I became upset. A box went missing during the move with a value of several thousand dollars and theyre offering me 10%. I insisted on my money back in total. They refused. A duty of care and responsibility was expected from You Move Me and I placed trust in them that they would move ALL of my property from A to B. This did not happen but instead of coming to the table in any genuinely meaningful way and making this right, they deny responsibility and add insult with a merge 10% discount. Seriously? I then laid a complaint with the BBB following which they continued to deny responsibility, but of course using lots of feel good words/ phrases to give the impression theyre actually taking me seriously. Pushing the matter, insisting they refund my money the last message they sent me claimed that I was mistaken in the claim of a missing box but because they were so reasonable they would offer me 0.60 on the dollar to a estimated weight of 20lbs equating to a little over $700. Again, I am out of pocket several thousand dollars thanks to this company and all they can manage is $700. So this brings me to writing this review. You Move Me have made it clear that they are not willing to back up their service if, nay, WHEN something goes wrong. In the end they claimed I was mistaken in my claim despite there being no other rational explanation for the box being missing. The box was placed in the care of You Move Me and it went missing on their watch! I dont think it unreasonable to expect my money back but no, You Move Me would rather place their head in the sand and tell me Im mistaken. Potential customers of You Move Me, BEWARE! They do no back up their service when something goes wrong.

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Company Response

I’m really sorry that you weren’t happy with our proposed solution. We really do try to come to a fair and equitable solution whenever a customer isn’t happy with our service.

In this unique case we were not able to confirm that we ever handled the items in question which makes it difficult. We also weren’t able to establish value for the missing items to base a settlement on so we had to work off the value of the move. Moreover we were not aware of any issues until 6 weeks after our service in which time so much can happen. Lastly you confirmed that we were not in possession of your items at the end of the move.

Given that there are so many different potential answers for what could have happened to your missing items we would be willing to refund you 33% of your job as stated through our communication previously. Please feel free to reach out if you would like to take us up on this fair offer.