Francois was great to deal with. He did everything he said he would do, kept the work area tidy, was on time and on budget. I would highly recommend Hands on Stone and Tile and would definitely hire Francois again.

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*Edit* Jordan came out to our house to fix the last part of the stairs September 6. He was very pleasant and did a great job finishing the job. Bottom line is that this job took from April 15 to September 6 to complete. Two weeks was the quoted timeline. Background: Our house was vacant when the work was supposed to have been completed. There were no issues regarding access to the property during certain hours or days (except when the painters were spraying lacquer - but the job was supposed to be finished by then anyway) Long version: I will begin this review by saying that Lakeview EVENTUALLY finished the job as agreed, with small defects they ignored, or did not address at all. I have run out of time and energy to get anything else done, and think it would be diffucult to have anyone else show up at our house. In order for the job to get done I had to spend lots of my time calling and following up with the office to see if anyone would ever actually show up. Lakeview is not well organised and the only time they phoned me (without me phoning them first) was when after my husband's credit card was compromised and they couldn't put a charge through. Brad came to our house to quote in March 2013 and the job started on April 15. Brad quoted two weeks to finish the job. In order to accommodate the flooring installation I booked the painter two weeks later starting on April 29. The job was nowhere near completed by the 29 of April but the painters started and I assumed (incorrectly) that Lakeview would quickly finish once the painters had finished spraying. I guess there were delays getting material or they had staffing issues, I don't know because they never called me to let me know what was going on. They had finished most of the install of the stairs and floors by May 18 when they charged me for the balance with a 10% holdback. Again I assumed that since it had been over a month since the job was supposed to be finished they would send someone out to finish up the job in a timely manner. Fast forward to end of JULY 2013 and the stairs were not yet finished and the guy they sent did not finish them either, just went on an on about the work I wanted completed wasn't worth doing. Finally on August 2 Jordan came out to finish the job Rick was supposed to do(Rick came out twice). Then without a call to confirm if indeed we were happy with what had been done and a promise by Jordan to follow up on a couple things on the stairs they charged our credit card for the 10% holdback. I phoned the office (August 5) to follow up about what Jordan had said and Allie said that she would get back to me. Am I surprised no one has phoned me back yet(August 9)? Nope. Their sign and lock box is still on my porch. It will likely get thrown away as I am done following up. Funny how they are very quick to take your money but there is literally NO effort to contact you for anything else. I spent HOURS calling the office trying to get this job completed. If you do not have hours and hours to dedicate to making sure someone will come out to finish a job that you have already paid for, do NOT hire Lakeview floors. This made me feel like I was being the bad guy insisting that they finish the job I paid them to do. Overall in bullet points: Punctual: Not really. Timeliness: Forget it, not at all. Quoted 2 weeks, actual 4.5 months. Quality: OK overall, but if you want a detail-oriented company, this is not it. Follow up: Non-existent Other: Everyone I dealt with (Allie, Brad, Jordan, Josh) was pleasant. They answered the phone when I called or did return my call and expressed that having the job done was important but it somehow seemed out of their control as to when it would be completed. This was the aspect that I found frustrating. Would recommend: No Want to ask me more questions about my experience? Email me, I will be happy to provide you with more details and photos. As an aside: I am not impossible to please. I had two other companies complete work around the same time: I just expect work to be completed as agreed, on time.

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What could this company do to improve their services?
Communicate with their clients and let them know the timeline, what is happening with their project.
Any advice to offer fellow homeowners facing a similar project?
Not hire Lakeview.
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Company Response


Once again I'd like to apologize for how your project was handled. During construction, delays whether its staff, product, etc things should be handled in a timely and efficient matter. As our company grows efforts are being put towards our customer relations and how our service is appointed. Lakeview would be happy to schedule another service call if required and we appreciate your follow up as it gives us the information required to move forward on a positive note with ongoing clientele.

Brad Thompson