You get what you pay for! Awful paint job. Wilfred dropped off his brother-in-law/apprentice who was learning how to paint and took off. There was excuse after excuse as to why Wilfred couldn't be there. My impression is that he had another job to go and left his apprentice in training to do the 'easy job'. The door frame was not painted the same colour as the door as requested (was left in the old white paint). When I pointed it out, the apprentice painted the door frame, but failed to paint all the way down so you could see a chunk of white paint sticking out at the bottom. There was no taping or draping. Paint drops all over the concrete floor, porch and on top of the decorative column. The garage door was not sanded down prior to painting and the old paint that was already peeling was painted over so the end result did not have a smooth finish. His apprentice asked me for my wi-fi password, sorry but I don't even know you! He asked to use my washroom, ok no problem at all with that but at least have the decency to wear a mask in my home as this was in the summer of 2020 during Covid before vaccines were available. When Wilfred finally came to pick up his apprentice approximately 6 hours later for a 2 hour job, I showed him the paint stains and he said it will come off eventually from the rain? I showed him the paint sticking out of the bottom of the door frame and fixed that. I was told not to open the garage door for 24 hours so the paint can dry. When I opened it the next day, a whole bunch of paint ripped off damaging my wooden door. Why? Because the unsupervised apprentice painted the door while it was closed! Will never use nor recommend this company again.

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This review is long overdue - I needed to make sure that the shingles would hold up first. In September 2019 I reached out to Sunrise Roofing for an estimate. Andy quickly replied and came by for an estimate for myself and both my neighbours (townhomes). He provided a very fair price and answered all of my questions. The only thing I was skeptical about was the type of shingle he was going to use - IKO. He indicated that the IKO did have an organic shingle years ago that caused some issues, however has not been used since. He assured me that IKO is a very good shingle for Canadian weather if installed properly and promised me that I would be happy. He did give me the option of upgrading the shingle for a small cost, but I decided to trust him. Andy's crew consisting of a handful of guys showed up and worked all day until the job was done and cleaned up. The shingles looked great, but I did notice that some of the edges were not completely flat. Andy reassured me that this is normal after install and the shingles will flatten out more in a couple of weeks. Andy was right again. It's been 2 years and the shingles still look great after a number of wind storms, snow, ice, heat and rain. I was still finding some nails at the bottom of my downspout whenever there was a lot of rain, but I'm sure this is normal. I'm sure some nails get missed and get washed down from the rain. I just make sure I'm always checking after a lot of rain and pick up any nails I find off my driveway so no big deal. I definitely recommend Andy and will most definitely be using him again. I'm sure issues will come up over the years as the shingles age, but for now they are still holding up very well. Thank you Andy, look forward to doing business with you again.

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