I went to Structube to buy a chaise lounge I knew exactly what style I wanted, 'diana' in white, ready with my visa. I was on my lunch break at work so the purchase was meant to be easy breezy. I received the worst service of my life from Structube in Woodbridge, Toronto.The manager, Marian older indian lady, was all over the place- she didn't know the right answers so ended up talking in circles wasting time, she was extremely condensending and I had her refund my purchase on the spot after her poor customer service. I wanted my chaise lounge delivered, she said its $90.00 however I was quoted $80.00 from another Structube location, which is what I mentioned to Marian. She said there was two deliveries opitions, the $90.00 is the structube delivery, then there is a local delivery which is the $80.00 one, so i opted to the cheaper price naturally. Marian said it would take 2 weeks for delivery because its a local delivery company, If that's the only difference between the two delivery options no problem. I paid the $515.00 with tax for the chaise lounge. As I'm filling out the paper work, Marian called the local delivery company and was discussing the delivery date for 1 week from that day .. I interupted Marian while she was on the phone - I thought you said it was a 2 week delivery - she said oops yes 2 weeks... I disregarded the uncertainty of it. After I was handed my receipt, Marian said " I must tell you that when we receive the chaise lounge we check it here for any damages then send it with the local delivery - IF there are any damages when you receive it at your house, we are not liable for any mishaps and neither is the local delivery company, you will have to return the chaise lounge yourself." I'm like excuse me? the only reason why I'm getting a delivery service because I cannot transport it home myself. Marian said "oh you should have choosen our delivery service for $90.00 instead, then we could've ensured that if there was a damage, we could take it back for you." MARIAN if you would have told me that from the beginning of my purchase when i was debating between the two delivery services i would have paid the extra $10.00 to ensure that I receive my product with no damages and if so, i could have it returned no charge/problem. She was very condensending and rude, I was SO turned off from the company, my purchase and especially the manager Marian. I got Marian to give me a refund on the spot and I left extremely flustered and upset. Do not go to Structube Woodbridge, if you want good service while buying an expensive product. Customer service is the MOST important factor in business, and making any sort of purchase with poor customer service can make the whole experience unpleasant.

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