Gutter Force came to replace our old eavestroughs with 6 inches gutters on my house. They were on-time, efficient and also took away all of the old material. They are very responsible for call back to resolve any issues. Their services are reliable and great. I would highly recommend Gutter Force.

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You are correct, you are not a professional or a qualified tradesman to make a judgement that we should get a "ZERO out of 10 on Home Stars because you "don't like our installation".
Should we get a "Zero" rating and you ruin our reputation because we have some gaps you think shouldn't be there?
Did you wait to see if the eaves are leaking between the fascia when it is raining?
Did you see any leaks? No mention of that in the review.

Most houses in Canada are custom built with wood frames. Sometimes the wood frame of the fascia board is not a true 90 degree angle at corners or there can be a fascia board that sticks out that causes a gap at the end of a long run between the aluminum Fascia and the straight piece of eavestrough.
When you look from the ground up you can sometimes see a gap on the bottom of the eaves between the eaves and the fascia especially in large 6"eaves, which Charley had installed, that are very stiff and straight when the house frame or fascia along the rafters may not be so straight.
Even though there is a gap if the shingle or in this case the drip edge from a metal roof is going into the trough it doesn't matter, the water is being caught at the top of the eaves.

We don't test the eaves with water on the day of installation because the caulking is wet and if it gets wet it can spoil the work on done on caulked corners that is not yet dry.
We ask our customers to wait for the 1st rain fall and let us know if there are any leaks in a corner or anywhere and then we can come back and fix them. Charley's eaves are warrantied for as long as he owns the house.

Charley obviously got a bit impatient in the heat last week and didn't want to wait for the 1st rainfall which would have been a great test.
He saw gaps between the fascia and eaves that he thought were a mistake and wanted us to come back and fill in the gaps before any rain had fallen.
Gaps are not a problem as long as they are at the bottom of the eave and the water is flowing in at the top with no gap.
We told him to watch in the 1st rainfall and let us know if there are any leaks.
I don't think it is fair to ruin a companies good reputation because you think there is a problem before you actually validate and know if there is a problem.

Charley if you see any leaks when its raining or after a rain just email us where they are and we will come and fix them.

We need to know that there is a real problem and where it is on the house to be able to fix it before we come.

Charley we are sorry to say we had to give you a 7/10 rating on
Even Charley doesn't deserve a Zero or a 9 whichever way you look at it ;)


We signed two contracts and paid the deposits(25%) on June 02. They original promised for the projects starting day is four to six weeks after the contract signed. As we've agreed, one project should start on July 15th, and the other project scheduled on August 15th. After continuous begging the first project finally started on August 7th and finished on August 15th. It's about a one month delay. Right after that, we find there some problems on the new roof when it's raining. We have sent them the messages and photos to show the problems. Also the skylight installation is not isolating the noise properly. But to this date, they still haven't arrange anybody come to fix the issues, and are unable to even provide a date. The situation of the other project is even worse. We couldn't even get a certain starting date. We find this company don't treat the signed contract seriously and almost have no control of the progress of the project. We try hard to call them or send email to them, but very few chance to get a response. We find we are totally to be ignored. Our experience with Four Seasons Metal Roofing is very negative and suffering. The problems of waterfalls on backyard side has been resolved by adding some small metal panels. The skylight reinstalled by ourselves. The other projects has been canceled. Anyway, this company can never be trusted. As long as they get your money, the game is over. Forget about their any promise orally or in writing, they will never response your request. They even refuse to provide you their HST number, even though they do collect the HST money.

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I have to give an A plus for Sunshine's quality of work and the services. We have a project to rebuild and upgrade our old shower to a modern frameless glass shower enclosure. We checked couple of renovation companies and finally we feel more confident to assign the project to Sunshine Door & Window. We have to say we are very happy and lucky for this selection. Jimmy Gao is a very experienced home renovation contractor, especially in glass shower enclosure. He really did an excellent job. He is not just well done his job but also help us to finalize our design with his excellent experience. We'd like to recommend him to anyone for shower enclosure renovation project. Thanks Jimmy!

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I have project to renovate my major bathroom in master bedroom. The project includes replacement of whole floor with marble tile, replacement the tile and faucet of deck embedded tub with new marble tile and fancy three pieces Roman bathtub faucet. The project also includes shower curb rebuild and installation of a half covered marble tile wall. The job is done excellently! It is not just professional but also constructive attitude during whole processes. Many ideas and designs are coming from Eddy's suggestions. The project is completed on time without any interruption. We have renovation project almost every year during the post ten years. In our experience, Eddy Reno is the best, no the one of the best! We highly recommend Eddy Reno for anyone who is looking for a renovation contractor. Charley Lou (homeowner)

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Hi Charley thank you very much for the review
Truly appreciate your business