I went to their location in Newmarket and they suggested a Bruce product for my floor. I agreed to pay for all is needed for a professional job done. Now after only 1 month after installation, our floor is chipping, denting, cracking on edges and corners. I have contacted them and they keep saying it's my fault although I have been very careful with my new floor. They said it's "unfortunate" and that hardwood floors scratch and chip all the time. Not happy with this product after spending so much.

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Company Response

Thank you for taking the time to write to Homestars. We do address all our comments good and bad.

Whilst we can appreciate you are upset about scratches and dents in your wood, it is a fact that all wood will scratch and all wood will dent, even the hardest on the Janka scale. When customers come in to our store, we can guide them and generally show them a range of products that suit their budget, but at the end of the day, the decision on what to buy is always left to customer.

At the time we left your home, you were happy with the installation and the hardwood. Some time later when you called to draw our attention to the scratches, dents and chips, we came out to see you straight away and on a later visit we also brought the Bruce representative to look at the complaint. What you must understand, is that when any rep visits such a claim they will always ask questions such as "how is the traffic in your home?", "do you have children or pets?". This helps to give an overall picture of the general wear and tear level that can be expected on the hardwood. Sadly if the scratches and dents appear some time after installation and the rep feels they are man-made, he will report that to his company. The claim is then professionally assessed and taken to its full conclusion. I believe the rep did not finish his assessment on this occasion, and therefore we were unable to take this any further for you.

Regarding the actual wood you purchased, Bruce is a very well known brand of hardwood, and one we sell almost daily without complaint. In fact it is used widely in many new homes.

We do feel that throughout your renovation we behaved professionally and went the extra mile, as we do for all our customers. We also believe that we dealt with your complaint in an equally professional manner. We are not perfect, far from it, but when we are at fault we work tirelessly to address the situation and as our reviews show, we generally do a great job.

Again, I am sorry you were disappointed in the wood you chose.

Kind regards, Jeannie


I had two other company pricing for my stairs and they were at least twice as much. Goldwood stairs gave me a reasonable price and wonderful product. They were courteous and really good at what they do.

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