The existing cast concrete front steps were replaced with solid concrete steps & refaced. Within 2 years some of the facing stones came loose. Eventually all of the facing stones on the steps came loose. The concrete beneath the steps crumbled away. I called & emailed owner Lyle but he didn't respond. I hired a stonemason to rebuild the steps. He used steel re-bar which, he said, should have been used in the original job. He replaced facing stones under the steps with considerably thicker stone for added support. Clearly Stonecrafters workmanship & materials were inferior & Lyle does not stand behind the work. Hire a professional stonemason, not a stonecrafter.

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Company Response

It's difficult to respond to something like this. Your warranty had expired by more than five years when you posted this grossly inaccurate account of events. It doesn't matter what you buy, no company provides warranty work after the warranty has expired by more than five years. Despite that fact, we did visit your property and found that the stonework had been damaged by the excessive use of salt. In our 29 years in this business, we have never installed concrete without steel in it. Also, a thicker riser stone is of absolutely no value and adding the extra weight is just wrong. The vertical stone experiences no traffic and is strictly aesthetic. I am unable to post the before, during and after pictures we have of your job on this forum. Anyone who is interested in the seeing them can email us and we would be only too pleased to share them. Thank you. STONECRAFTERS