I live in a 113 year old house which had a previous Chubb alarm system before I moved in. Sam has been very good answering my questions about the alarm system and install and so far (about 1 month) the alarm seems to be working well. Though if the power is cut to it, it seems to scramble its brains for a few hours and it thinks doors are open when they are not. My only small issue was that the installation took 6 hours on a Saturday (effectively eating up my entire day) when I felt like I was led to believe it would be about 3 hours. The installer was Detlef, a very nice German man.

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Sabina, thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback, Sam was very happy with your comments.


Everyone was very courteous and polite and friendly. The job itself was well done in the end. However, there seems to be a lot of miscommunication in their office. We got a bit of conflicting information. We booked our foam insulation more than a month in advance. I spoke to Jason the scheduler. On the day of the foaming, the insulators told us that the "second crew" would have to come out a few days later. Maybe we were naive but it was never explained to us that the process would take multiple appointments. There was a bit of panic on our end thinking we had to clear out the pets and ourselves for another toxic installation. Luckily the thermal barrier is non toxic. But we were not happy that this was never explicitly explained to us. The installation was on a Friday (my dad took a vacation day to stay at the house, with a respirator, while they did their work). The next Tuesday I had a call from accounting asking for payment for the foam and thermal barrier. I told them the thermal barrier hasn't even been done yet and I was waiting on a call to schedule that. I was told they do not work on weekends. So I booked them for the next day to come at 7:30 am. I usually leave for work at 7:30 but told work I would be a little late (I was originally told that the thermal barrier would take "maybe an hour"). Then later I was told it would take 3 hours but that this was "high balling" it. 7:30 rolls around and no one is at my door. I called their office at 7:45. The scheduler called me back and said that the crew would be an hour late because they had to load a new truck. I was a bit upset that they didn't bother to call me to tell me that they would be late, instead I had to initiate the call. So they arrived at 8:30 and the crew was very nice and they did their work but of course weren't done until after 11am. There was also conflicting information between the crew and our sales guy as to what needed to be done in the crawl spaces. By this point I had missed half a day of work. Good product and pretty nice people, but they are lacking in customer service skills and I just really think they need more communication within their office.

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