On my purchase receipt from the Brick at the bottm it states, "Trans global warranty corporations protection plan explained" besides 2 unchecked boxes that say accepted or declined and a space for the buyers signature all of which is empty.....I had NO idea that the store, the Brick, would NOT be servicing our appliance, a front loader LG max capacity, when I bought the expensive gold warranty plan....... In Sept. 08, I noticed a metal ring on the front door seal had broke as well as a bit of rust coming through. I called trans global, and they assured me a service call would be forth coming from someone local. No call ever came. I repeated this 3 times, with no result. Since the machine was still operational and my time limited, I'd wait a couple of weeks and try again. Finally sometime in November a helpful agent (quite rare) took my information and informed me that NO file had ever been opened regarding the washer!! I was stunned. They simply blew sunshine up my arse I suppose, hung up and repeated to the next complaint. This time the agent promised a "call" from a service provider...gave me a file reference number, AND the phone number of the local repair business they would be using (which incidentally I had to find as it was the only one close) No one called but having their number, I contacted them. An appointment was set up for the first week in December. By this point, the washer was completely belly up. The appointment was not kept, so I called again and was informed that they, the service provider, tried to contact me several times, which was a total crock 'o' sheet as I have call display. A new appointment was set up. A kid comes over and appears not to be able to figure out how to turn it on. He looks at it for a few minutes and the jobs "done". "What's going on I ask?" "We'll have to order parts." "Oh, ok how long will that take?" I ask, assuming the servicer is going to be ordering parts. His response: "I don't know, could be 2 weeks could be 2 months" I repeat this rather stupified but apparently that's all I'm a gettin'. "We'll contact you in a day or so" he promises. Naturally no one contacts and I assume they're ordering parts and will contact me when they arrive. I wait the first week...wait the second one calls. I try to call the servicer but there's no answer. I call Trans global, thankfully with my reference number and they say that THEY order the parts but cannot do so until they here from the service provider. Apparently Transglobal doesn't like to be inconvenienced with setting up or following through with the service providers, so I spend more time calling and leaving requests with the servicer to contact transglobal so they can order parts so I can get the hell out of my stale underwear and back to living. It's now close to Christmas. I call transglobal again (incidentally, they never return phonecalls)and they say they received the parts request and it has to go through such and such and blah blah blah and someone will contact me from the servicer when the parts come in. They cannot give a time frame. I call the servicer who tells me to contact them when I get the parts. I say that THEY are to contact me when the parts come in to THEM. The servicer say the parts are coming to me. Back to Transglobal. I just want to know where the parts are coming so I can stay on top of the dam situation and transglobal tells me when I state that the servicer told me I'm getting the parts delivered directly that, AND I QUOTE "We NEVER deliver the parts directly to the customer" well guess what...that's exactly what happened. Now we're into Christmas and I get a pre recoreded message from transglobal that says "you're parts are BEEEEEEEEEP". That's all folks! The parts finally arrive at my house a few days before Christmas but guess what folks, the service provider can't get here til January 13 2009. Happy New Year to me. I spend the holidays in the laundry mat and mark the days til the 13th. Team doofus shows up again but guess what...they need MORE parts. The motor is burned out as well as other things. They'll "call me and let me know". Back to transglobal.....they can't do anything til they hear from the servicers. "Well what if they never call?" I ask. There's nothing they can do. A week later, I still cannot contact the servicer and transglobal is STILL sitting pretty. I finally contact the Brick where someone sweetly informs me that I have to call Transglobal. I explain as calmly as I can so I don't pop a vein, that the thing is not going anywhere and that I learned my lesson NEVER to buy an appliance from an outfit the does NOT service it. As of today, a week after the last fruitless service call, apparently something WAS sent into transglobal (just today after many many calls) (I call daily now looking for answers) and I'm now waiting for my call to be returned (I'm not holding my breath) by a manager. 4 times I called today and got promises of a returned phone call which naturally wasn't going to happen so now I shall write an e-mail directly to them and resume the calls again tomorrow. Moral of the NOT buy from these non caring big box stores where you become invisible the second your credit card goes through. There is no customer service. They get the cash and farm your warranty out to these cyber places that are another step removed and they scrape you off onto service providers that care even less. Stick with places that provide servicing. It's worth the extra money. Never again I say. update: No call backs on the 19th...called the brick who said "we can't do much but call transglobal on your behalf" Got a call from a manager who said that they JUST received the info from service provider at 5pm NOW they have to decide whether it will be replaced or parts ordered. She also said snottily that the service provider said she talked to me yesterday about this. YES, I tell her, the service provider said she sent the information YESTERDAY and I should know how come Transglobal said they just got it NOW? Someones a fibbing...stay tuned should be if they order me parts.....the whole dam nightmare begins a new

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