Spencer N Contracting poured concrete paths on two sides of our house that slope slightly away from the foundation, poured new concrete steps at our front door and also poured a concrete floor for our garage. They were very efficient and professional, taking the time to explain every step of the way. They were clean, polite and trustworthy, and the quality of their work was outstanding.

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My five and a half year old Macbook would no longer allow me to open it completely without losing the picture. I took it to the Apple Store, but they said they didn't have parts for a "vintage" model like mine. The battery had also been so compromised that I had to keep it plugged in constantly. I was on the verge of buying a new laptop. As a last ditch effort, I took it to the iRepair on the Danforth, never having been anywhere before but Apple. It took a little over a week, but Mike fixed everything I had noticed and more, but all at the original price he had quoted me. Thanks Mike. I am very impressed!

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In mid-August, my partner and I decided to have the cracked walkway around two sides of our house replaced with new concrete angled away from the house so there would be no water issues in the basement. We got three estimates and regrettably went with the lowest. Loganstone said the job would take 5 to 7 days. It ended up being a grueling 3 weeks of mayhem and disappointment, not because it was a particularly difficult job, but because the inexperienced owner/manager/one-man crew was chronically late or absent. On more than one occasion we found him working in the dark with no light, trying to make up for starting so late in the day, I guess. He also had no vehicle, so he could not regularly remove the debris he was creating. At the end of the day he left his tools and cords at the front of the house in plain view. When his grinder and extension cord went missing, he seemed confused and checked to see if we had one he could borrow. After about 12 days, his wife started leaving aggressive phone messages demanding the final payment before the job was completed and giving us personal details of their finances. Here is the result of Loganstone's work: Several areas of the new walkway actually angle towards the house, so the water pools there when it rains. The front steps look like something from Fred Flintstone's house. We got him to fix as much as he could, but then just paid him to get him off our property. BTW, there's still a bag of debris I recently found in the laneway. I guess we had to learn the hard way!

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Company Response

, We have to rent larger trucks for our debris removal. Especially in this particular case, when upon demolition of one side, we discovered that there were two pathways, one laid upon the other which doubled our debris. Small contractors have to concern themselves with removal costs. It was determined that it would be cost effective to finish the removal once we were sure no more debris would be generated. The debris, that wasn't regularly removed was purposely planned that way, was stored neatly in bags and placed on skids, to avoid dirt and damage to property, and Two fifty foot walkways were producing unpredictable amounts of removal, which changed our costs. The 'confusion' about missing tools came because it was thought that they were stored behind the house, in an area unlikely to be visited by anyone who didn't in fact reside there. The homeowner did not mention that the tools had been left in the front. When the missing tool and equip issue was raised, the homeowner seemed apathetic as to the why of how these things went missing. So, who wants to deal with someone who does not seem to care? I asked a simple question, hoping to save time and not have to leave the site to get another extension cord....He happened to be using his own tools in the backyard, so I gave it a shot.....Hmmmmm
The homeowner was asked where there property line was before the contract was signed, and indicated, several times when asked that they didn't know. A fence, on 'unknown' property, his or the city's was a barrier to getting concrete into the pour area properly. Mainly because without the proper permission we can't simply remove a fence to suit our agenda...So, with the information we had, and the cost issue of not them not wanting to apply for permits, in order to form and pour the concrete properly, they watched us proceed. Concrete had to be shoveled OVER a seven foot fence and then, within a two foot, confined space, floated and finished....Not an easy task, even for the best. Only AFTER the pour did the wife mention that a previous contractor had in fact removed the fence to perform some work....Ironically, the couple drove by the area just as the pour began, and failed to mention this as they opened their window to say "hows it going?" lol....So they knew something that would have assisted us, as we proceeded as though we couldn't alter the fenceline in order to do our jobs properly, and then complained about the finished product after the fact....Also, their true intention was to avoid below grade waterproofing issues....Instead of hiring a waterproofing company and doing it right, they were hoping that they could solve problems with a quick fix that ultimately, gave them what they hired us for, a new concrete. pathway, which replaced a pathway that was cracked, broken, unlevel, and had holes the size of baseballs in it.... The pour wasn't the best, we admitted. Extreme heat, which causes cracking and finishing issues delayed the project to a degree. Again, we talked and it seemed to be understood. ALL issues they had were resolved to their approval, so we thought and finally, payment was made. They received phone calls from a frustrated wife because when we wanted to discuss an issue and resolve problems, they would hidein their home, shuttering themselves in and didn't answer their phone or door, pretending it seemed, to not be present.
Loganstone Masonry is on Facebook, and we have solid referals. We also, have a small staff and we manage our business just fine.

As explained to this customer, we are a SMALL contracting company, and they solicited our business through a small community paper. If they, as I did mention to them, expected Elllis Don, then they should have in fact hired them. Or, they should have hired a concrete specialist, or company that specializes in that....I made it clear, that as a stonemason, I can pour and finish concrete reasonably well, but it is only one componenet of what we do, and frankly not the bulk of our work....
the front stairs were enlarged and parged,,and on our Loganstone Masonry page, there are before and after pics. I often wonder if homeowners really look at their properties prior to work being done...

Again, this is the first, and only complaint, and some of the issues were valid. Yet, after the fact, this customer contributed to overall quality of the product being less than desirable, and even after we'd made the effort to correct the problem, and agreed to return to address concerns in the future, free of charge, they seemed evasive and not straight forward about their motives for having the work done.
Pooling was corrected by cutting escape routes into the city lane, and some well placed control joints on the other side....

It is always regrettable when a customer is unhappy and we do our best to correct problems.
Though we understand that these issues happen, our overall record of satisfied customers speaks for itself...
Visit Facebook and search Loganstone Masonry

Oh and something to consider for ALL customers and clients. This type of work is done, during the most OPTIMAL weather conditions....Many times, especially during this particular contract, the heat was such that extreme heat alerts were issued during the days when we wanted to work....Imagine working, during 45 degree weather....The safety factor comes into play, and people's health comes before a customer's desire to get what they want..The Ministry of Labour expects employers and workers to heed safety policies, which are in place for valid reasons...Hence, we would often work later into the day, when the heat was bearable and workable...MANY contractors do this in order to save their employees from heat stroke etc, AND to ensure that structural integrity exists, for example, proper curing without cracking (caused by extreme heat and cold AND clearly stated in our contract)
Lastly, the author of this review was never present during the contract negotiations, discussions regarding issues such as excessive debris hich were created by two pathways on top of each other, curing processes, property line issues, or the risk of trying to solve below grade water issues with above grade work....She was only present when the finished product was being reviewed, and sadly, understood little about the attempts made to garner the necessary information in order to do our jobs effectively...or her partner's answers when we in fact tried to get information which would help us... It seemed that she had many criticisms but did not participate in any of the discussions from beginning to end...She was only there to critique the end result...

Chris Chapman
Loganstone Masonry