I called GibSan twice to discuss the concrete cracking around my pool (they installed it years ago). I spoke to the owner of the company (an older gentleman) who was down right rude to me on the phone and wanted to charge me $350.00 to come out and see what the problem is. I hung up wondering how this company is still in business. I had to discuss another issue with them, this is a year later and again, had to do with the concrete, and a different person called me back. He basically told me I should be calling another company. I will NEVER set foot into that place again.

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BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER - Initially I was not happy with the service the company provided. When the company asked me what happened I had no problem telling them. They contacted me several times wanting a redo and to rectify the situation. I initially could not be bothered however I finally caved in and had them redo my stairway. I was so satisfied with the results that I would now absolutely recommend them to anyone. My carpets have never looked so good and the gentleman who came to clean them was fantastic! Do not miss out on this opportunity to have them clean your rugs!

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