We unfortunately hired this company to insulate our entire home: basement and walls. After a series of work mishaps (including missed days, shoddy work that had to be redone, insulation being blown through my kitchen and a full day's clean up ensued along with one area of our roof that gets ice dams that we were never advised there was any risk of and told there was nothing they could do), I was advised after the fact that the 'fire-proofing coating' could not be done until spring. I was never told this before we started the job...technically the coating fireproofing was required to be done for insurance. Worried that I wouldn't qualify for insurance I was told that we would be first ones to get it done once trucks could work in the spring. I then had to follow up on the coating with the company even though - we were supposed to be the "first ones" to have it done once the truck could work. Finally, in late July they came out. At this time, I called the Georgian offices and spoke with their office manager. I asked her to urgently send me my copy of the invoice as I could not find mine and I needed it urgently to submit work for the energy audit that I had done. She was abrupt on the phone and said she would get to it that week...10 days later she still hadnt sent it. When the coating was done the workers asked for money and I said I thought we'd paid it all in total the last time and that I still needed my materials for the audit - that was now at risk. The Office finally emailed it - but not the one that I had requested and demanded money. After explaining over and over again that we needed to confirm payment from our bookkeeper...after 3 days they started sending workmen over to our house to "collect"...this after we had already paid over 10K and he remaining bill being just over 1K and less than 7 days out! Finally, we sent an email and put a call into the president (who was on vacation and MIA) to complain about the level of service and discuss the payment. At this point the office manager calls our house (10 days after services done) yelling at us, telling us she is putting a LIEN ON OUR HOUSE!!!! She then sends a fax with a cc of a LAW FIRM. What happened to customer service?????? What happened to Net 30??? I would never recommend this company to anyone. It has been so frustrating to work with them. As a business owner, I would never treat a customer the way we have been treated.

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This review is completely inappropriate. We did not miss any days that were scheduled. We arrived every day that was scheduled. In fact we were turned away on numerous occasions after the job had been confirmed the day before, for various personal reasons of the home owner. There was no shoddy work that had to be re-done, all work was completed promptly and professionally as can be confirmed by the energy inspector.

Some dust on the interior of the house is to be expected when several thousand pounds of insulation are injected into the walls. The cracks around base boards, windows, doors and receptacles are often not visible until the insulation starts to fill the cracks where the cold air was entering the house. The homeowner was informed that some dust is likely during this type of project.

The Ice on the roof is caused by a sloped ceiling above a bathroom that was not insulated as it was not part of the project. A separate quotation was provided to address this area, but the homeowner did not want the ceiling of the bathroom removed to allow the installation of spray foam.

We attempted to do the fireproofing over the foam in the basement at the end of the project, but again we were turned away because of the weather. We contacted the homeowner in April to schedule the fire proofing. We made three calls that were never returned. Eventually they called in July to schedule the fireproofing.

The requested documentation was emailed the first day that the request was made, in fact I have the email reply confirming receipt. Our company policy is that payment is due upon completion of the project, no terms were discussed. When we asked for the final payment my employees were treated quite rudely by the homeowner. Numerous phone calls to the homeowner to resolve the payment issue were not returned.

Of the over 5000 customers that we have done work for, I would not recommend this customer to any contractor or trades person.

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We just had a 6 hour home inspection done on some property and had the most incredible home inspector. Hi name is Andrew and he is from He was so detailed and so diligent: he truly went beyond what I have ever seen one do. The guy literally crawled up an attic space that my 5 year old could barely fit into. His work ethic was amazing... the company does a wide area of Southern Ontario so I thought I would pass along his info if you know anyone who is in need of one. He also is a specialist in century homes which is hard to find. He spent 6 hours at the location and was so generous with his time to explain all the details of what he was doing and what the minor and major issues were with the property. His report was extremely detailed and comprehensive. I would highly recommend this company.

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G Force stepped in after a prior contractor screwed up a gas stove installation. Their service was prompt and efficient with polite and knowledgeable staff. I have just gone through a kitchen gut and renovation and have been shocked by the lack of knowledge that many industry people was such a breath of fresh air to have such excellent service with the assurance that the job was done properly and quickly. I would highly recommended this company and will definitely use them again if needed! Thanks G Force!

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