I had the same experience as the last reviewer. I had expressed skepticism when he said he could rid my lawn of weeds but he said it was GUARANTEED, so I thought "well in that case..." My front yard was 50% plantain and after one application there was absolutely no difference. I communicated that and they reapplied to no avail. I said since it's guaranteed, i"m not paying until I see some results. Now the season is over and they want their money and they actually said that they "are not responsible for what the salesman said" and that "the fiesta weed killer only works for some weeds"... I have told them all along that it wasn't working and they could have stopped at any time but they apply the treatment and they obviously don't even look at the lawn they are treating. Waste of Money!!! Don't do it. The Guarantee means Nothing. The fertilizer helped and I paid for that happily. I had a huge argument with Maria the accounts receivable manager and she wouldn't even transfer me to the owner to discuss it.

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Company Response

I am sorry to hear about the concerns you have had this year with your service. Unfortunately I am not able to assist you as your services are being performed at a different franchise than mine. I would suggest if you are not happy with the out come from your last contact with that office that you should email them directly and ask for your concern to be escalted to try and resolve your concerns.

Steve Stronge
Customer Service Manager
Scarborough Weed Man