In 2013 the company came out to assess a raccoon issue on a flat roof. We paid for the site visit of $195 and were told to purchase wire mesh and trap doors which were later removed by the company. Through the winter months the raccoons returned and we placed a call to ask if they guarantee their service. The main office booked a call out but they never arrived. When they were called we were told that they were late from their previous job and we would need to reschedule. We suggested they visit anyway and we were told to provide credit card details. Asking why they said 'we ain't climbing up on anyone's roof for free!'. I explained that the main office had booked us a follow up as we felt that perhaps the mesh had come loose and that we were happy to pay for any work but not an assessment fee for the 2nd time. The man we spoke with got angry and told me to go find someone else and that we should just forget it. This was exactly one year and one week from the time they meshed the area and he said that we were out of our 'one year' so it was our problem. He then hung up on us. This was a shocking experience that left me extremely upset; The man who I spoke with was rude and flew off the handle immediately. He was unwilling to discuss the situation and as a result we would never use this company again on any of our properties. We have been forced to find another company who immediately told us that they have no call out fee. I should have looked elsewhere from the beginning then maybe my problem would have been solved from the outset.

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