Angel Movers is the REAL DEAL folks!!! I shopped around for good moving companies based on HomeStars reviews and other reviews / blogs that I came across. I honestly described the job the best I could and clearly stated what I wanted (and didn't want) to each and every moving company. When I called the companies that had the highest number of reviews with the best ratings, they ended up either throwing all kinds of creative surcharges into their price estimates or just flat out turning the job down 'cause of how difficult it was / the location / and any other excuse you can think of - and this, from companies that apparently won awards!! Kinda makes you go, "hmmmmm" ... The good news is that Angel Movers was there to save the day. Johan sold me 'cause he not only offered to take the job on in the first place (first star earned), but he also offered simple, straight-forward, reasonable pricing and clearly explained what we could expect on moving day. I just felt like he was honest, professional, and I could trust him and relate to him. He could have thrown in extra surcharges like some of the other moving companies, but he didn't. In fact, it was quite the opposite: he allocated the right resources for the job, co-ordinated everything, explained the challenges of the job to the men and set their expectations, invested in the right equipment for them to use, reserved a bigger truck than the other moving companies, threw in extra wardrobe boxes upon request (more than what was already included), and waived the charges for that and a few other things. He was also very kind and patient with me and my sometimes detail-oriented personality. Now for the meat and potatoes. The guys: Mark, Doug, Don, and Adam ... oh man, we just love these guys!! It's mid-December, a freezing cold day, there's snow blanketing a grassy slope in our backyard that these guys have to keep moving our stuff to and fro (which eventually turned icy and slippery). Now add to that a good 120+ feet between the house and the truck, PLUS a fairly long, inclined, curvy slope just before the truck with the thin air from the cold, windy winter day. Any time we've ever had to get any other company to move even just ONE appliance in this place (never mind an entire 3+ bedroom move), there would never be an end to the grumbling and complaining that we would hear ... but not these guys!! These guys are like the Harlem Globetrotters of Moving!!! They show up with positive attitudes (which they maintained throughout the entire day), they're communicating well with each other, cracking jokes every once in a while with us and each other along the way, handling our stuff in ways that we never thought humanly possible with extra care and attention, all the while hussling and sweating it out at a very quick pace and yet in a safe, healthy, controlled manner. You'll be amazed at the things they can do and it doesn't take a genius to see that these guys are seasoned experts ... they've got the tricks of the trade down packed and they make it look like an art, each of them with their own unique styles and qualities. They took an estimated 8-10 hour job (including travel time and fees) and did it in just 7 ... with all of the above!!! These guys are humble, smart, funny, well organized, and very professional. I'd like to say they're saints, but no ... they're a level higher than that: they're Angels in disguise. Strong and rugged on the outside, filled with sweetness and all heart on the inside. Just wanted to give each and every one of the crew at Angel Movers a big hug. Felt like they were family. I wish them all nothing but the best, so give'em your business ... but be good to them. They truly deserve nothing less. Angel Movers, may God Bless all of you and your loved ones!!!

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This is such a beautiful review of our company we often share it with new members of our team - to show them how we would like every single client to feel when are done! Thank you so very much for your extraordinary and kind words - it means so very much!