We moved into a new office and needed someone to plant and maintain our living wall system. Vertical Landscape Architects came into our office to assess the situation and provided us with several planting concept options. Plants were selected to perform well with the specific living wall system and under the unique conditions in our office. The living wall looked great when it was planted and continues to provide a unique focal point in our reception area. Our staff and clients alike really admire the living wall! To keep it looking great, Vertical Landscape Architects maintains the living wall on a monthly basis. We have had a great experience with Vertical Landscape Architects and would recommend them for your living wall project.

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Company Response

Thank you for the review. I enjoyed this living wall project because it is in a great location in your office and it generates a lot of positive feedback from staff when I work on it. I hope we can arrange to have an automated irrigation system installed this year to simplify and ensure regular watering of plants. I think this would be a great addition to the long term well being of the living wall in your office.