This is a family run company located in Brooklin/Whitby. Mike and his brother are the consummate professionals. From the estimate to installation, they ensured a smooth process. My closet space has double and it looks so good, I do not want to put doors on it. Thanks.

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**** update: The owner contacted me today regarding my concerns. He agreed to a price reduction because service call was probably not necessary. He listened to my concerns and did say that some telephone troubleshooting might have prevented this. He was helpful and I think genuinely wants his customers to be happy. He promised to look into the previous issue. I have some renovations coming up next year requiring gas line installations. I will consider Josh and Classic Fireplace. I purchased a gas fireplace from this company approximately 3 years ago. Last year the bricks started falling off. I called and found that the company had changed warranty would not be honoured. They came and took a look and gave me a $500 estimate. My dad fixed in 15 minutes. The cost of special glue needed was $10 at Home Depot. It was a brick panel. This time around, I couldn't get the fireplace to turn on. I had the pilot light and remote seemed to be functioning ok. I explained the issue in detail. They suggested a service was needed. The guy came one hour late(from booked time). No call to say running late. He came and the problem was just dead batteries in component under fireplace. He replaced with my own batteries, vacuumed underneath and charged $140. Total visit time:10 minutes. Wow they make more that Dr's and lawyers. That's wild. I'm planning kitchen renovation next year and switching to gas range. Was also considering a gas BBQ. Will definitely be shopping around with these prices and this kind of service.

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I had this company come and give me a quote on a gas fireplace. I had asked to have the mantle made of reclaimed wood. I even gave them a name of a company in Toronto that could probably supply it. I wanted them to make contact because I don't know the specs. The rep didn't give any indication that it would be a problem. He didn't indicate extra costs. I have given them a deposit of $1000 towards the work. I never heard from them in several weeks so I called them. The person that took my call was extremely unhelpful. They hadn't even called the company. (said I didn't give them the number). Now its a problem. They never called. Very poor communication. Would not recommend them.

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