I would highly recommend this Store, the product is amazing, the ordering was simple, and installation as promised. Great Job!!!

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Thank you for your business and time to add a review. That is very much appreciated. Please keep us in mind for any window covering or other floor work.
Enjoy the new home
Maria and George


I hired this company to remove all of the popcorn ceiling in my condo Great job! The smooth ceiling now and definitely looks so much cleaner and better Would hire this company again !

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Thanks for your business and hospitality Saiva. Much appreciate your time for the review. Best regards.


I would not recommend this company, they did the work, that part was ok, but for some reason the grout on the shower floor turned into weird colour. They said, they don't know why it happened. They cleaned off once, but not the whole floor, now it looks dirty. Now they blame me for making dirty. This is very unprofessional.

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Hi Saiva,

We appreciate your response, and empathize with your frustration. We made two service calls to your condo, and cleaned the entire shower floor. Both times we left with a clean floor, and have photos of the status. We provided you with detailed instructions of how to maintain your white shower floor, to prevent future issues. At no point did we blame you for the state of that floor but rather, we provided assistance with trying to rectify your problem.

We also attempted to make a third service call, yet you were unable to accommodate the timing.

Continuing forward, we highly recommend regular maintenance of the floor, as outlined in our numerous emails .




First when the 2 movers arrived on Monday, they began the move by scratching my brand new floors that were installed last summer. They also took off a piece of the wall, by hitting boxes against it. See Photos. They lugged my couch thru the hallway to the elevator, even I asked them few times, to take it apart. They just don't listen. The couch did not fit into the elevator, so one of them took out a hammer and started hammering one side of the couch off. I asked them not to take apart the poker table, once again they ignored me, and took it apart, now the table wobbles and cant be balanced back. They ripped off all of the lamp shades, I discovered only afterwards, as you can see in the picture, that they broke the base off. After moving the couch to the new place, they destroyed one of the metal bars that folds the sofa bed together. They also pushed on the bed so much that it does not fit back properly. They took apart my daughter's bed frame, and gave the screws to my child, WHY???? Now we are missing the screws and can't put the frame back together. They put me thru so much stress that day, and I do not wish this experience on anybody else. Please do not hire them. They must learn how to move things first and also take their time.

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"First teach them! They are rude Russian butchers!"
This is what the customer has reproached to our movers. We have received reports from the movers that the customer was very aggressive to them because they were Russian-speaking.
Our crew admitted that the complaint mentioned above is totally based on her genetic hatred of Russians and no connection to the job done well enough.
Please also see below our reply to the customer:
1. there was no damage to the couch after the hammering procedure;
2. there were already several scratches on the floor when our movers arrived and moved the heavy frog boxes. If you are referring to other scratches which are visibly fresh, please provide clear photos of them along with photos of old scratches for comparison.
3. the movers did not move any lamps since you advised that you will be the one taking care of them;
4. movers informed you in the beginning that small damages may occur to the walls or doors due to the narrow nature of the apartment, and a waiver of liability was signed by the customer.
Please feel free to contact us anytime, should you have any additional questions.
Kind regards,
Miracle Movers Care Team